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Industry Insights

VR and AR in particular are becoming increasingly popular technologies in the industry, as they allow real estate professionals to offer a unique experience and perspective to potential buyers by digitally touring properties from anywhere in the world. Helping both agents and customers save time, and considerably speeding up the buying process, this technology is only expected to grow further, as indicated by a recent report. The research predicts that the VR and AR market in real estate will reach at least USD 3 billion by 2025.
Our Focus

Our Focus

GlowAvid offers professionals throughout the real estate industry an easy, quick and affordable way to use VR to enhance their customers’ experience and maximise the opportunities to explain concepts and spaces to support the sales process.

Getting a client to understand the scale of a design from a drawing is never easy. GlowAvid enables everyone from Architects to Interior Designers to visualise their plans in incredible detail and share their creation with customers, giving them greater confidence in the success of the project and also saving huge cost in terms of eliminating design and execution errors.